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Guns hidden under our petticoats

✝We’re not in wonderland anymore alice✝

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Don’t nominate me for the ice bucket challenge!

Please don’t nominate me for that stupid ice bucket challenge. The “challenge” is that you should donate or else you have to dump water/ice on your head. First of all, it’s a WASTE OF WATER! Especially if you’re from California since the state is in a drought!! This whole thing is a social and money grabbing fad. Yes it has brought awareness to an important cause I will give it that, HOWEVER, if you look into the fine print you will realize that a mere 7% goes to research, 10% to admin costs and 18% to marketing/promoting. Where’s the rest of the 65% going to!? Most definitely not the people who need it the most. We must find ways to help those EFFECTED by ALS (and or any cause) and not those who are INVESTED. You can call me an insensitive bitch if you want, I frankly don’t care what your opinion is on me, but Im a realist. All I’m simply saying is that we should all be aware of how to donate responsibly and effectively.


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